Delicious Cabbage & Carrots with Jasmine & Chic Peas

Delicious Cabbage & Carrots with Jasmine & Chic Peas

One of the best dishes I’ve made in a while! When it comes to spices / seasonings, I’m a simple girl – sea salt (very light), pepper, onion powder, garlic powder…

What you need – 1 bag shredded coleslaw (like Dole) (I used the larger bag), 1 bag shredded carrots, 1 can (14.5oz) chic peas, 1 cup uncooked Jasmine rice (Goya)

The proportions are relative to your liking but this is what I had and threw into a pan and it turned out to be a good 7-8 meals! 😀

How to cook it – Saute the cabbage and carrots in olive oil or a touch of butter (I did Earth Balance Soy Free butter). Saute until right texture / softness for you. Add Chicpeas cook for another couple minutes. Turn to low, cover, and simmer.

While simmering cook the Jasmine rice in another pot.

Mix it all together and eat!


The Biggest Loser – Most recent “winner”?

The Biggest Loser – Most recent “winner”?

This has got me all sorts of riled up today! I do not watch reality TV, I watch very little TV at all (we don’t even have cable service). But a friend of mine had mentioned this in passing yesterday. I didn’t really think much of it other than “not a good thing to teach our society, our children”.

This morning; however, after reading this, listening and actually absorbing the absurdity of it all I am beyond frustrated that she was rewarded for this clear obsession of weight loss. Don’t get me wrong – kudos to her for deciding it was time to change and actually taking action on it! BUT there are lines we need to draw.

It is not healthy for anyone to take this type of extreme on weight loss. But the worst thing is, but rewarding her for the behavior, we are encouraging the thought of “you can’t get too skinny” and “you don’t look good if you don’t look like skin and bones”.

Our society/culture already has weight issues, this isn’t going to help. There needs to be a happy median. For those of you with children (daughters mostly from my experience) it is heart breaking for them to come home at the age of 8 saying they need to diet because they are fat – which they are not. It is stuff like this that encourages eating disorders of all kinds.

I hope that some sort of retraction or statement is made that this type of BMI is not encouraged and should not be rewarded but that she won ONLY because she did lose the most. Something, anything to counteract the message this is sending!

Okay, sorry for the rant, done now 🙂



So much has been going on lately. Still trying to make the right choices when it comes to food, but man is it hard when you’re always on the run. I have no problem prepping my snacks – celery & peanut butter, celery / carrots & veggie cream cheese, sliced apples – but I have noticed that is all I am eating is snacks. Not that it’s a horrible thing but I know I need more. So, trying to get back on track and prepared lunch yesterday for the entire week – fried rice again with a few tweaks.

Anyway, on January 25, 2014 I took the leap and attend Basics 1 Zumba Instructor course – what a blast! I have been doing Zumba for over a year (off and on) and absolutely love it! I started Zumba with the in-home video games since I KNOW I cannot dance and could never imagine myself attempting to in front of anyone (yes, everyone in the house gives me my space during this time). After I lost 45 pounds, a total of 24.5 inches head-to-toe and went from a size 16 to a size 8 (sometimes a 4 depending where I shop) a friend of mine convinced me to work out at a local Brickhouse Cardio where I get my Zumba fix in as often as I can.

I am not losing any more weight but I am toning and I have never had so much fun doing it! It was after I started working out here and watching the Zumba community that I decided I wanted to be a part of it. I may never actually get on stage and teach (probably down the road) but I do want to help others find their way to a healthier being and have fun doing it.

In all seriousness, if I can do this anyone can. When I say I can’t dance, I really can’t, even a year later. But it does come a little more naturally now and I’ve even noticed my hips loosening up a little so I can shake-it better than I ever thought I could – part of this is confidence of course. 😀

Anyway, I am super hooked. In fact, in April I will be attending the Instructor course for Zumba Step – the newest and latest trend in the Zumba world! AND I have become a Zumba affiliate because I LOVE the Zumba! clothing line!!! 😀