Cannot perform this operation. The file is no longer checked out or has been deleted in SharePoint Designer

I run into this issue quite frequently. While I have noted how to clear it myself, I have never written down the steps in a manner that can be shared with and understood by others. This is a great piece of information to keep “in your back pocket” for whenever you might run into this issue.

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Cannot perform this operation. The file is no longer checked out or has been deleted

The solution to this problem is to clear the cache of SharePoint Designer.

1. If opened close SharePoint Designer
2. Open the folder %APPDATA%MicrosoftWeb Server ExtensionsCache
3. Delete the contents
4. Open the folder %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWebsiteCache
5. Delete the contents
6. Problem solved.

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Have you heard of Stitch Fix?

I hate shopping, like really, really hate it. Especially when it comes to clothes for myself. I am one of those that when/if I find something I like I buy it in every color. I also only buy whole outfits because I don’t know how to put things together. Additionally, my wardrobe consists of black and grey for the most part because color scares me. All that being said, subscribing to Stitch Fix was a big step for me. But I figured it was the ONLY way I was going to come out of my shell.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to like Stitch Fix but OMG it is AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE It and HIGHLY recommend it for others! Take a look:


I truly liked everything I got in my first shipment and am buying everything with the exception of 1 blazer that was just a tad too small. $20 a month; if you buy anything from your shipment that $20 goes towards your purchase. Whatever you return is done via their pre-paid postage included in the shipment. You really can’t go wrong here!

Even with the blazer that is too small, I have tried it on 5 times to see if I can deal with it being too small. That’s how much I do NOT want to send it back. (Plus, you get a 25% discount on the purchase if you keep EVERYTHING.)

The image to the left, this is a post card like insert they send with your order that shows you how to wear each item. Even if you know how to dress – unlike me – this can still provide a bit of variety or even some  new ideas. The arrows – and I’m guessing you have already figured this out – point to the actual items received in my Fix.

As corny a this is about to sound, I understand why they called it Stitch Fix – I’m already totally jonesing (no idea if I spelled that right…lol) for my next shipment!!! 😀

Avacado / Tomato / Mustard Pita

This recipe seems to be a mix of a couple different ones that I have tried with similar ingredients. I think what I have done is picked and chosen which ingredients I like from different ones I’ve tried and made it my own. I can say it is definitely delicious and pretty satisfying too!







  • 1/2 large avacado
  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • 1 roma tomato
  • 1T spicy, brown mustard
  • 1t mayo (vegan mayo works too)
  • Garlic salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste but light)
  • Whole wheat or Multi-grain pita

Chop the avacado, onion and tomato and mix in bow. Add mustard, mayo and spices and mix together. Place mixture into each half of the pita bread and enjoy!

If you are calorie focused – like me – here are you approximate calories Onion ~ 16, Avacado ~ 161, Tomato ~ 11, Mayo ~ 22, Mustard ~ 0, Whole Wheat Pita ~ 150, Total ~ 360. (These numbers are based on numbers found in the calorie app I use to track my food and may or may not be accurate.)

Eggs & Couscous

A while back I didn’t have a meal planned and didn’t think I had anything for a meal so I through some couscous, eggs and spinach in a pan, added some seasonings and ate. To my surprise it was pretty good. I have recently tweaked this a bit and it is now my favorite go to meal any time of the day.

Over the weekend I received 400 Calorie Fix Cookbook and am contemplating using this as a basis for my diet. That being said, the recipe I am about to share is based on trying to get the calories in this meal up to 400. (In blue, next to each ingredient is the amount I will do in the future as this is just too much food for me at one time.)

  • 3 eggs (2 eggs)
  • 1c chopped spinach
  • 1c chopped sweet peppers (the small ones you get in a pre-packaged bag)
  • 1/2c couscous (cooked) (1/4c cooked couscous)
  • Cooking spray

Saute the sweet peppers in a pan until starting to tender. Crack eggs directly into pan and scramble. This is where I added onion powder, garlic salt and pepper (my simple taste in spices…lol). Just before they are cooked add the couscous and spinach. Heat through (cook until eggs are to cooked to your preference).

Very simple meal; takes less than 20 minutes to prep and cook. If you like breakfast food any time of the day it is a great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have yet to have it for breakfast, lunch has been my experimental time for this recipe.

Oh yeah, here are the calories for the larger portion (tracked via Lose It!):