Super Nutritious Green Smoothie

Working through Keto and I love it! I am still struggling with my calories, as in I am eating entirely too much. Working through it though.

One thing I have missed with this new lifestyle is my green smoothies. Well, thanks to my MIL, I have now found a green smoothie that not only fits into my daily carb intake but is ridiculously healthy too!

So, for anyone interested, here we go:

GreenyGreen There are 2 things I intentionally left out:

  • 1T organic coconut oil
  • 1 handful raw nuts (pecans, almonds, etc)

When I add those 2 items it brings the calorie intake near 600, and carbs a bit to high for my liking. However, I will admit, it did taste better with these items.

Another suggestion, if this is not filling enough, is to add half an avocado. I have yet to try this. But plan to once I get my calories under control.

The combination of this and my bulletproof coffee gives me a little too many calories in the morning. So the next thing I am going to try is putting the smoothie ingredients – minus the milk – in my coffee and see how that turns out. I won’t lie, it’s sounds disgusting, but it’s worth a try!


Curry cabbage &pecans!

Let me start by saying I am much better at following a recipe than creating my own. I have yet to learn how to mix spices and leave it tasting good. Same goes for the food going in.

So recently I thought I would try another recipe that, in all honesty, I thought would bomb. However, it did not. No idea if anyone else would like something like this but I love it!


Participating in the Keto lifestyle now I am very careful about the carbs i put in something and excessive about the fat being used. That being said here are the ingredients:

1/2 head chopped green cabbage
4 ozs cooked bacon bits (cut with kitchen shears and fried ahead of time)
1/2 c pecan pieces
1t yellow curry
1/4t each of salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder
2T country crock butter (next time I will use unsalted, grassed butter)

1. Cut and cook bacon
2. Chop cabbage
3. Melt butter in pan on med – high
4. Add cabbage, pecans and spices to pan. Cook for about 5 min. Add bacon.
5. Cook / Sauté until cabbage is tender
6. Eat and enjoy!

I broke this into 4 servings: Calories 206, fat 16.5g, total carbs 2g, fiber 1g, NET CARBS 1g, protein 5g


This recipe – in all honesty – is much like others out there. I; however, have tweaked it to my liking. I use Stevia A LOT because it has 0 carbs. BUT when I use a lot of it I tend to not like the taste. I think cocoa powder might have a funny taste too, not sure. So I tried a couple different variations and this is the one I like! MyMousse ¬† 1c heavy whipping cream 3t Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder 10 drops stevia extract I simply combined all ingredients in the small blender piece that came with my Ninja, and held the power down until I couldn’t see the liquid spinning any long.