Progress is Progress Regardless of Size

I must admit, I am an instant gratification girl. In the past I have gotten stuck in the rut of “I don’t see / feel anything different, I’m done, this isn’t working!” I have learned so much over the past couple of months. It’s not about the changes you see tomorrow or the next day. In fact, you may not see the changes for weeks or even months.

Why? I believe one of the biggest reasons is because we are our own worst critics; to the point of destruction often times. You also see yourself every day. You know when you don’t see a child or a pet for a long time, they always seem bigger. If it’s not in front of you every single day your eyes and brain allow you to see difference / change.

Making change is hard and scary. Often times the combination of not seeing the results and not being able to cut out old, bad habits play a big role. You, and only you, know what you’re really doing. What you’re eating. What you’re drinking. How many “oh, just one” you have in a day. You get the point, right? So if you’re fully honest with yourself, are there really no changes? Did you sabotage yourself? Or are you are over-judging what you see in the mirror?


This is one of the reasons it is super important to weigh, take measurements, and take pictures before you even start a challenge. Day-by-day you’re not going to see your body change, your muscles building and toning; over time you will. But how are you going to compare if you don’t have anything to compare with?!

The biggest thing to remember is progress is progress, no matter how large or small. The fact that you took a step to move forward is progress by itself!


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