Coconut Oil & Coffee

If you’ve ever heard of BulletProof coffee, you either love it, hate it, or just flat out think it’s a little strange. (lol)  I drank it for quite a while and loved (still love) it. But, 4 cups of coffee a day with that many calories tends to leave you a little hungry. Or, it did me anyway.

Thanks to a wonderful friend, I have found an alternative. Brew a cup of coffee (I use my Keurig), add 1t coconut oil (personally use the flavored), and a few drops of vanilla flavored sweet drops (stevia).

It’s delicious! And it’s good for you, clean, and low on calories! One thing that makes it super easy is my Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender, Brushed Chrome. Once the coffee is brewed, coconut oil and sweet drops are added simply insert immersion blender for about 10 seconds and, voila, deliciousness is ready!

Anyway, if you’re trying to eat clean or just want to try something new, give this coffee a try. You may want to try it a couple times before judging, but it is quite delicious.


Workout when you can

Busy, busy day today!
I – personally – am a not a fan of working out in the morning. There are a ton of benefits when you make your workout a morning routine, but I still can’t/won’t get up early enough to do it. 🙂
Anyway, I knew it was going to be near impossible to get a workout in with today’s schedule. So guess what I did?! Yup, worked out in the morning before doing anything else. Nothing to distract me, nothing to keep me tied up too long to get it done.
It was a little difficult this morning – not a morning person 😉 BUT I am so glad I did. My post workout high still hit head on. I don’t want to go back to bed like I did before I worked out. I am very focused this morning; been more productive in the last 2.5 hrs that I have been in a 5 hour period lately. It’s wonderful!
Being a mother of 5 (4 at home) and working a full time job it’s hard to get any me time in. But I made myself a priority this year and make that time. If I can do it so can you! It may seem impossible, but I promise you, making yourself your #1 priority and cutting out that “me” time for yourself will change your life! Try it for a day, a week, a month. Make a habit of it! 😀 I promise you, you won’t regret it!

Delicious Cabbage & Carrots with Jasmine & Chic Peas

Delicious Cabbage & Carrots with Jasmine & Chic Peas

One of the best dishes I’ve made in a while! When it comes to spices / seasonings, I’m a simple girl – sea salt (very light), pepper, onion powder, garlic powder…

What you need – 1 bag shredded coleslaw (like Dole) (I used the larger bag), 1 bag shredded carrots, 1 can (14.5oz) chic peas, 1 cup uncooked Jasmine rice (Goya)

The proportions are relative to your liking but this is what I had and threw into a pan and it turned out to be a good 7-8 meals! 😀

How to cook it – Saute the cabbage and carrots in olive oil or a touch of butter (I did Earth Balance Soy Free butter). Saute until right texture / softness for you. Add Chicpeas cook for another couple minutes. Turn to low, cover, and simmer.

While simmering cook the Jasmine rice in another pot.

Mix it all together and eat!



So much has been going on lately. Still trying to make the right choices when it comes to food, but man is it hard when you’re always on the run. I have no problem prepping my snacks – celery & peanut butter, celery / carrots & veggie cream cheese, sliced apples – but I have noticed that is all I am eating is snacks. Not that it’s a horrible thing but I know I need more. So, trying to get back on track and prepared lunch yesterday for the entire week – fried rice again with a few tweaks.

Anyway, on January 25, 2014 I took the leap and attend Basics 1 Zumba Instructor course – what a blast! I have been doing Zumba for over a year (off and on) and absolutely love it! I started Zumba with the in-home video games since I KNOW I cannot dance and could never imagine myself attempting to in front of anyone (yes, everyone in the house gives me my space during this time). After I lost 45 pounds, a total of 24.5 inches head-to-toe and went from a size 16 to a size 8 (sometimes a 4 depending where I shop) a friend of mine convinced me to work out at a local Brickhouse Cardio where I get my Zumba fix in as often as I can.

I am not losing any more weight but I am toning and I have never had so much fun doing it! It was after I started working out here and watching the Zumba community that I decided I wanted to be a part of it. I may never actually get on stage and teach (probably down the road) but I do want to help others find their way to a healthier being and have fun doing it.

In all seriousness, if I can do this anyone can. When I say I can’t dance, I really can’t, even a year later. But it does come a little more naturally now and I’ve even noticed my hips loosening up a little so I can shake-it better than I ever thought I could – part of this is confidence of course. 😀

Anyway, I am super hooked. In fact, in April I will be attending the Instructor course for Zumba Step – the newest and latest trend in the Zumba world! AND I have become a Zumba affiliate because I LOVE the Zumba! clothing line!!! 😀


Vegetarian Tacos with a Kick

Vegetarian Tacos with a Kick

I think this recipe is very similar, if not a direct replica of one a friend shared with me (probably found in a cookbook). So if this appears to be someone else’s recipe it is not intentionally taking credit, I am just not sure who to give credit to.

Anyway, simply saute the onions and garlic for a bit (long enough to cut the Jalapeno) then add the Jalapeno and saute a little bit more (long enough to cut the zucchini). Add the Zucchini and salsa verde and cook for about 5 minutes. Add the black beans long enough to cut the black olives to your preference. Add black olives. Cook on a lower heat until Zucchini is at the tenderness of your liking.

This recipe could make 3-4 servings depending how you eat it. I spooned the mixture on a flour tortilla and enjoyed. My husband, who does not like beans nor is he a vegetarian, enjoyed this as well but he added a touch of Picante after serving which is another alternative if you want more seasoning or flavor.

Not only is this recipe not too bad on the calorie side but it is also pretty satisfying as well – BONUS!

How I Managed Gestational Diabetes

I have been told, on numerous occasions, that I give good advice. I personally think these people are crazy but it made me think after sending an email to a friend.

So I met this girl – who will remain nameless – at work. She is young and has a lot going on in her life. Anyway, her and I kind-of clicked right off the bat. It wasn’t that much later when she found out she was pregnant. How exciting that I got to be the first at the office to know!

We have had many talks about pregnancy, baby and more since none of her close friends have been through this yet. For me it’s kind-of like have that little sister I never knew I wanted. Anyway, she recently found out that she has gestational diabetes.

This is something I knew I could help her with since I just went through this with my 5th. To help her out I typed her the basic information I learned in my dietitian classes I had to take. I usually do not think my “advice” is good enough to share but in this case I am hoping this will help more than just one girl so I have decided to share.

The basics:

15g = 1 serving of carbs (i.e. 1/2 banana)
7g = 1 serving of protein

IF there are more than 5g of fiber take extra and subtract from carbs (i.e. if 9g of fiber and 19g carbs then you would actually only be eating 15g carbs) (This is the one that always sends me through the roof with information but good to have)

Breakfast 1-2 servings of each
Snack same as breakfast
Lunch 2-3 servings of each
Snack same as breakfast
Dinner 2-3 servings of each
Snack same as breakfast

Eat every 2-3 hours with you last snack being 1 hour before bed (plan from that backwards)

Make a schedule and stick to it

Avoid fruit and milk for breakfast

Veggies are considered “free” which means you can eat them, within reason, where / when needed EXCEPT corn and peas (these have carbs and count towards your servings)

Remember, it’s not about sugar, it’s about carbs. Fruit is good but very high in carbs.

If this only helps the girl at work I will be happy; but if this reaches others struggling with this emotional news all the better! Let me know if you found this helpful. 🙂