Intermittent Fasting

I am trying something new, started yesterday. I have trained my body to eat every 2-3 hours. There are a couple problems with this, but I won’t address any of them other than the fact that I am constantly eating. Still managing my calories and what I’m eating, but it’s still ALL THE TIME! And it never fails that I’m still hungry or have the munchies around 8pm every night. Eating this late, right before you’re going to bed and your metabolism is slowing down, is not good for you belly.

So I am trying intermittent fasting to replace my current lifestyle. I am still learning about it; and boy do I have lots to learn! But the high level summary is that you eat within a specific block of time, throughout the day, and nothing else on your of hours. This type of eating is supposed to help your body burn more fat as you are allowing your body the time it needs to fully digest and use what you ate the day before.

Say, for example, you eat breakfast at 8am. Your last meal would be at 4pm. Here’s the cool thing, there is no set clock on intermittent fasting! This means its customizable so it can fit into any lifestyle. Ideally, I think, you want to wait until later in the day to have your first meal. For me, personally, I am going for the 10am to 6pm block of time for eating. So far, over the last 2 days, it’s been satisfying. (I got a little hungry early today so I think I ate at 9:45am. I really don’t think 15 minutes is going to make a difference. I could be wrong. But I’m okay with it for day #2.)


See that ^, that salad? Looks delicious, right?! Eating clean can be fun and quite tasty!

There are a couple of things to take into consideration – or remember – if you ever seriously contemplate this type of lifestyle. Did you notice that word? “Lifestyle”? This is a lifestyle, not a fad, not a diet, not a detox, not a lose weight quick “thing”. A lifestyle that you adopt as part of your every day routine for the rest of your life. Just like clean eating. It doesn’t benefit you to do this for a week. It has a compound effect. Over time it increases your health, energy, confidence and overall appearance. Lifestyle choices are permanent, not temporary. I am probably repeating myself, but it’s important to fully grasp that. To change you life it can’t be temporary.

The other thing to consider is that it is super easy to implement. Don’t wake up tomorrow morning and just start eating within and 8 hour window (well, you could, I don’t think it would have a negative effect, but it might be a little more difficult to stick with). So, week 1 – for example – try 10 or 11 hours. Or, if that’s your normal window maybe try 9. Then week 2 shave off another hour. Then, if you’re not already at 8 hours, shave off another hour on the following week.

What you’re doing is training your body. Note how at the start of this post I said I had trained my body to eat every 2-3 hours. Trust me, your body gets used to your eating patterns and they are not easy to break. It takes time and consistency. So if your body is yelling at you that it’s hungry, it might not be. It might just be part of your routine that you’ll have to work through. It only takes 21 days to create a habit. If you can get through that time period, you’re good. Keep that goal in mind.


My all-time favorite meal of the day, and most nutritious!

Okay, done rambling. So, on top of this new lifestyle, I am also still focusing on clean eating. Yes, another lifestyle choice. I don’t have to quit one to try the other. Pretty cool in my opinion, makes my life a little easier. So, for now, I am simply working towards my 8hr eating window with clean foods. I don’t see a reason this won’t work so I’m super excited. (Especially considering I am still recovering from surgery and can’t workout for – at least – another 4 weeks. Eating right will keep from losing any progress during my down time!)


Coconut Oil & Coffee

If you’ve ever heard of BulletProof coffee, you either love it, hate it, or just flat out think it’s a little strange. (lol)  I drank it for quite a while and loved (still love) it. But, 4 cups of coffee a day with that many calories tends to leave you a little hungry. Or, it did me anyway.

Thanks to a wonderful friend, I have found an alternative. Brew a cup of coffee (I use my Keurig), add 1t coconut oil (personally use the flavored), and a few drops of vanilla flavored sweet drops (stevia).

It’s delicious! And it’s good for you, clean, and low on calories! One thing that makes it super easy is my Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender, Brushed Chrome. Once the coffee is brewed, coconut oil and sweet drops are added simply insert immersion blender for about 10 seconds and, voila, deliciousness is ready!

Anyway, if you’re trying to eat clean or just want to try something new, give this coffee a try. You may want to try it a couple times before judging, but it is quite delicious.

Change is Hard; Change is Worth It!

Change is hard! It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, where the change is (personal or work), change is hard. It is in our nature to live routine lives. Whether you realize it or not, you most likely have a pattern or certain order that you do things every single day. Getting ready to leave the house, for example. Get up, shower, get kids ready, eat, etc. Whatever your routine, wherever it lies in the day, you’ve got ’em.

Changing these routines is scary and can be stressful if not done for the right reasons. Working out, for example. If you have to do it rather than want to do it, it’s much harder to make time for it. If it’s not in your routine already, it is very likely that you laugh at adding anything else to your day – especially a workout. (I get it! Trust me! 5 kiddos (okay, only 4 at home) and a full time job – I get it! <3) But I’d be willing to bet you could fit 30 minute workouts into that routine of yours.


Here’s the thing, though. Sometimes you gotta be at your breaking point before you’ll either consider it or seriously make the time for it. (Yes – MAKE the time – you won’t find it if you look for it.) Breaking point = your point of no return, your hard limit of “I am not gaining another pound”, “I am not wearing those pants anymore!” Whatever it is, everyone has one.

My favorite excuse used to be “I don’t have time”. I didn’t have time to prepare healthy food, so I ate what was easy (and typically not healthy). I didn’t have time to workout and was absolutely not getting up any earlier to do it. (After all, I need my sleep more, right?!)

Mine was when I could no long fit into my size 14 jeans. I had had my 5th child, and been back to work for a year and a half. I went to get dressed one day and a size 14 was no longer comfortable. I was also fluctuating between 170 and 180 pounds and am only 5’4″. I knew I was going to have to go shopping and bump up to a size 16. Regardless of details; I was done.

Without a second thought, I started doing Zumba on my XBox 360 and absolutely loved it. It was hard. Taking 30-60 minutes out of my time with my husband or my kids just so I could work out. But, I did it. I lost about 20lbs this way, Zumba at home. Then I realized maybe I should start eating less. I had heard of MyFitnessPal so figured I’d start tracking my calories. This worked wonderfully! I lost another 20lbs. A total of 40 pounds in 6 months! I was ecstatic.

Right no-excuses_nhere is where everything kind of plateaued for me. I kept working out and counting calories. But I wasn’t consistently pushing myself harder, wasn’t watching what I was eating, just how much I was eating. I reached another downfall in 2014. That is when everything really began to change for me (more on that later). But, the point is, even as a mother of 5 working outside the house full time, I made a point to change my life.

My family is worth me spending 30-60 minutes a day on me. The happier and healthier I am the better off my entire family is. I know this is a pretty blunt statement, and I’m sorry if it is offensive, but it’s true. You’ve got to take care of you! So, what’s your breaking point?


The Biggest Loser – Most recent “winner”?

The Biggest Loser – Most recent “winner”?

This has got me all sorts of riled up today! I do not watch reality TV, I watch very little TV at all (we don’t even have cable service). But a friend of mine had mentioned this in passing yesterday. I didn’t really think much of it other than “not a good thing to teach our society, our children”.

This morning; however, after reading this, listening and actually absorbing the absurdity of it all I am beyond frustrated that she was rewarded for this clear obsession of weight loss. Don’t get me wrong – kudos to her for deciding it was time to change and actually taking action on it! BUT there are lines we need to draw.

It is not healthy for anyone to take this type of extreme on weight loss. But the worst thing is, but rewarding her for the behavior, we are encouraging the thought of “you can’t get too skinny” and “you don’t look good if you don’t look like skin and bones”.

Our society/culture already has weight issues, this isn’t going to help. There needs to be a happy median. For those of you with children (daughters mostly from my experience) it is heart breaking for them to come home at the age of 8 saying they need to diet because they are fat – which they are not. It is stuff like this that encourages eating disorders of all kinds.

I hope that some sort of retraction or statement is made that this type of BMI is not encouraged and should not be rewarded but that she won ONLY because she did lose the most. Something, anything to counteract the message this is sending!

Okay, sorry for the rant, done now 🙂