#LCHF Weekly Menu

I LOVE the LCHF / Keto lifestyle! I haven’t had much success though; only because I struggle to with what to eat and I frequently do not plan ahead. Like any healthy lifestyle change / way of life (WOE) you need to plan ahead in order to NOT cheat or be tempted by the bad stuff. Temptation is everywhere no matter how much willpower you have.

Anyway, if you plan properly you will cover all meals an even snacks. Doing this a week at a time makes grocery shopping easier and being out – whether at work or running errands – much easier. Shoot, I started doing this and realized this is one less thing I have to think about during the day – LOVE IT! I am far from perfect, not even in the same realm. 🙂 But I have managed to get a good handle on the number of carbs I eat per day – all of this from planning.

How do I do it? So glad you asked! 🙂

  1. Enter my foods / recipes in MyFitnessPal (MFP). This helps me plan the grocery list because I already have my macros figured out. I can adjust as needed as I am entering my foods.
    • I start with meals – Breakfast, Lunch & Diner THEN go about snacks (snacks are based on macros – calories, carbs, fat and protein)
  2. Then I create my grocery list with Mighty Grocery just because it makes my life easier. And yes, I organize every item by aisle so I can walk through the store with ease! (Lazy or efficient? The vote is still out.)
    • I do my shopping on Saturday night to make the next step less exhausting
  3. Sunday I cook EVERYTHING and store in appropriate containers. This gives my husband and I the ability to grab a few containers for each meal – warm, put in lunch box, whatever – no thought.

All that said; I made my menu for the week and went shopping last night! Here is my meal plan – hope this helps someone out there 🙂

  • Breakfast – 2 cups BPC coffee
  • Lunch – Turkey / avocado wrap (deli turkey, mayo, 1/4 avocado wrapped *2)
  • Dinner – Crack slaw (there are several recipes out there, just search for LCHF crack slaw)


This puts my macros at  992 cals, 88 fat, 39 protein, 18 carbs, 8 fiber, 10 net carbs. Which means I have roughly 400 calories left for snacks (high in fat and moderate in protein based on macros). Not bad! 🙂

Some of my snack options – cow pals cheddar cheese snacks, melted cheddar with olives and/or pepperoni, couple slices of salami, pork rinds, hard boiled egg, chocolate PB2, almonds…

I’ll stop rambling now but really hoping this helps someone who is trying to introduce this lifestyle. I have spent 3 months getting here only because I was being stubborn. So if this helps someone not “waste” that amount of time getting healthy – GREAT! 😀


Homemade Whipped Cream

Who doesn’t love a little whipped cream on some fresh berries or even a small bowl of J-ELLO?! My hubby and I have recently changed our eating habits to follow that of #Keto. My husband has lost 20lbs in about 2 months! I haven’t lost but that isn’t my goal either. 🙂

Anyway, whipped cream is very common in this lifestyle as it is an easy way to up your fat intake. The downfall to store bought whipped cream is that it has #carbs – no thank you! So here’s my recipe for homemade whipped cream!

All you need is 1) heavy whipping cream and 2) a bottle of EZSweetz(I prefer to use Stevia – as I steer clear of sucralose – but some don’t like the taste. EZSweetz gives a more natural sweet taste).

Take about 1c heavy whipping cream and put in a container that you can easily use a hand held beater or an emersion blender. Put a few drops of the EZSweetz and blend away. The longer you blend the thicker the cream becomes!

Once it gets to a decent consistency taste it to see if it’s sweet enough. If not, add another drop. Add 1 drop at a time as this sweetener can be pretty potent (in my opinion).

After it tastes the way you way you want, whip / beat away until the consistency is right. Spoon on top of your favorite dessert or eat it right out of the container! Easy go to for a sweet tooth or fat bomb!